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Provide Kootenai County with world class police protection.

Ensure that tax dollars are utilized wisely and that services provided to the citizens of Kootenai County are delivered in a professional, friendly and efficient manner.

Create a culture of collaboration within the Sheriff’s Office when working with neighborhood groups and the citizens of Kootenai County.

Make the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office a great place to work and grow as a professional and make it a “Destination” career choice.

Create a culture of accountability within the Sheriff’s Office

Build trust in the leadership and employees of your Sheriff’s Office.


Improve Employee Retention

  • Training a new employee costs the taxpayers of Kootenai County ~$100,000
  • Employee attrition results in a less experienced workforce, which increases the opportunity for potentially life threatening mistakes and the accompanying lawsuits that follow.
  • Employee attrition hurts overall department morale “A happy team equals and effective team”
  • Employee attrition reduces the pipeline of capable leadership. “We want the best and the brightest to stay.”
  • Police and citizen relationships are impaired when turnover is high.

Keeping pace with population growth

  • Maintain or improve response times in emergencies
  • Maintain or improve all services provided by the Sheriff’s office
  • Provide visible deterrence
  • Adapt to criminal activity that growth brings and stop it before it takes a foothold in our community.
  • Provide the appropriate organizational structure within the Sheriff’s office that maximizes operational efficiency

Fiscal Responsibility & Liability Reduction

  • Provide fiscal controls that promote financial efficiency and operational effectiveness
  • Build effective partnerships with the Board of County Commissioners to ensure optimal funding and support
  • Implement a world class training program that will incorporate both financial responsibility and liability reduction into the culture.

Rick believes that the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office should be non-partisan.  If elected Sheriff, Rick will serve all of the citizens of the county equally and fairly without regard to party or politics.


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