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I’ve read several opinions about the candidates running for Kootenai County sheriff and I have to say that probably the best person running is Richard (Rick) Whitehead. In the last year, I have gotten to know Rick quite well and I fully endorse him. As a retired military leader where my job was leading young men in war and peacetime, as well as being a former police investigator in Illinois, I believe I have developed a skill for evaluating human behavior. When I was first introduced to Rick, I had not yet formed an opinion on him as a candidate. After many discussions with him, I have come to understand that he strongly believes in the U.S. Constitution and will follow it as sheriff. His background is peerless, with 40 years of law enforcement experience. I have also come to know Rick as an honest man and a man of honor. We will need a sheriff with integrity, honor and courage in these times. Many folks in our community know me and what I stand for. So I say this with an open heart, if character, experience and fidelity is as important to you as it is with me, Rick Whitehead is the guy we need as our county sheriff. — Robert Martin

I believe Rick is the right man for the job at this particular time in our state. He stands squarely on the side of the security and protection of our Constitution and the 2d Amendment. He realizes the inherent danger in bringing too many refugees to Idaho. — Dennis Colligan

I am a constitutional conservative Kootenai county resident and am growing very concerned by what I see going on around our country as far as rights go. More and more people are trading rights for perceived safety. I support you because you will stand up for our rights in Kootenai county the way Sheriff Wheeler does in Bonner county. We need this (and you) for Kootenai county. Our freedoms exist because of the 2nd amendment and I want to keep it that way. — Giovani Gentilini

GO GET EM RICK. — Steven Winingar

I have personally spoke to Mr Whitehead and I trust every word to be true. Richard Whitehead is the Constitutional Sheriff Kootenai County Idaho needs. — Danny Curtis

Rick Whitehead brings a lifetime of public service to our community. As a person, Rick embodies the very notion of integrity, freedom and justice for all. His Texas roots, as well as his military service and experience as a leader in training other law enforcement officers, have served him well to the benefit of the residents of Kootenai Country. I'm proud to be a friend and supporter of Rick Whitehead and am confident our county and cities will thrive with Rick as Sheriff. As a result of his leadership, we have a safe, family-oriented place to live, work and enjoy our great Idaho outdoors. — Ric Eittreim

I learned of Rick Whitehead from youtube channel ,Richie from Boston. The live interview on 1/4/20 was great! I have long time friends who live in Kalispel and hope that they are protected with a gentleman of Rick's expertise. I live in Siskiyou County Ca. on the Oregon border which is a solid red county, and a Sheriff ( Mr. Lopey) who does a stand up job for us here. I hope Rick wins this race for Sheriff. Be safe! — Greg Gallinger


I endorse Mr. Whitehead for Sheriff of Kootenai County, Idaho. — Michael Harmon

We were afforded the opportunity to share Veterans Day lunch at TX Roadhouse with Richard Whitehead, candidate running for county Sheriff. 

The wait time gave us an opportunity to observe Richard interacting with the other patrons. He was not at all like a politician. He was another veteran welcoming home his brothers and sisters, recalling the times of service and sharing the history we have all lived.

Conversation at the table ran the gamete of politics, guns, family and hunting. We left this wonderful encounter with a better understanding of the man and his life long dedication to public service in law enforcement. Richard Whitehead is a man who cares about his community and all its people. More than ever we are proud to support him in his bid to be our next sheriff.

We encourage all our friends to support his campaign with anything you can give be it time, money, or words of support to all those you see. Kootenai County needs this man. Let's roll up our sleeves and get him elected.

— Barbara Woodard & Clint Hooten

I worked with Rick for over 20 years. I know him personally and professionally. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of law enforcement functions and duties. He is knowledgeable in county government and how to work positively with commissioners courts. His contact with the community has been nothing but outstanding. He cares about the community and will work diligently to keep the citizens safe. I would vote for Rick if I lived in the county he was running for sheriff. — Jeff Anderson

As a Retired Veteran, Life member of the VFW, Marine Corps League, DAV, American Legion & DOD/FEMA Contractor= I Endorse Mr. Richard Whitehead for Sheriff. His Values are what is needed within Our Community. We need a safe, and supportive Law Enforcement Leader. — Steven Cardoza

As a Law Enforcement veteran of 36-years, I don’t give recommendations without good reason.

I have known Rick Whitehead for 25 years, and know him a natural leader when you meet him. In a group of law enforcement leaders, Rick is looked upon when there is a difficult decision or issue because of his strong moral stance and “just doing the right thing for the right reasons.”

I am thankful to have a man like him leading the way and to call him friend.  He is pioneering the education of our future law enforcement officers of which my agency has benefited. Rick is making waves of change that will be seen well past his lifetime. That is something that we should all strive to say and do.

Stand firm brother and keep your focus on eternity.

— Jon Buckholtz

After having the opportunity to meet and talk with Rick Whitehead on several occasions, I find him to be a very intelligent and motivated candidate for Sheriff. He is sincerely interested in the welfare of Kootenai County residents, and he also cares deeply for this nation as a whole.  Rick would bring 30 + years of law enforcement and management experience to the job! Rick is my choice and has my vote for Sheriff in May.

I also appreciate Rick's participation in the CDA, Idaho Area for Trump 2020 page on fb, his help, and his attendance at our events!

Vote for Sheriff Rick in May!

— Charlene Baron

Hopefully Rick will be as influential with Kootenai County as he was with Travis County, back in the mid 90's. I remember being a young detective and getting a $14,000 a year raise because of his efforts. To this day, I don't know how he convinced the commissioner's court to back his proposed pay scale. I do know I'm forever grateful for his hard work and persistence during his fight for us! The employees at Kootenai County will be in good hands with Rick as the Sheriff! — Al LeBlanc

Having 32 years in Law Enforcement and knowing Rick Whitehead like I do I know he will make a great Sheriff. Great leader and visionary. — Richard Hale

I was a Deputy Sheriff with Travis County Sheriffs Office for approximately 22 years. While employed there Rick had been either my direct supervisor as a Lieutenant or as my Captain. During those years I knew Rick to be a leader that made great judgement calls and was both honest, loyal and had impeccable integrity. I believe Rick will make a great Sheriff and will be an asset to the community. — Clay Curry

I spent 30+ years in law enforcement and retired as a Chief of Police. During a good portion of my career I had the privilege of working with Rick Whitehead. Rick was and is a seasoned professional in our field. His professionalism, compassion, and dedication to serve are unwavering. He is a man of his word that leads with conviction. Rick not only served his community as a member of the executive staff for many years he has continued serving by teaching and giving back to our profession all across the US. There are few people that fill a room based on career reputation and expertise alone, Rick Whitehead has done that for years. He is an accomplished professional that will lead the Sheriff's Department with ethical leadership. I wholeheartedly endorse Rick Whitehead to be your Sheriff! Ken Evans (Chief of Police, Retired) — Ken Evans

I have known Rick for about seven years, first meeting him when I took one of his classes while working as a background investigator for the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office. Then after I retired I went to work for Rick as an instructor. Throughout this time I have found Rick to be a man of high professional and personal integrity with a very strong moral base. He has a great store of law enforcement and business experience. Kootenai County is facing some critical challenges that Rick has experienced and successfully dealt with in the past, and he can articulate a very well-rounded understanding and grasp of what Kootenai County needs in a sheriff. Rick has earned my complete trust. He is honest and ethical and I, along with current and retired employees that I know, highly recommend and endorse Rick for the position of sheriff of Kootenai County. — Jonathan Bodnar, KCSO retired

I Retired from the Travis County Sheriff's Office last year after 17 years of service. Many of these years I was blessed to be a part of Rick's team. He is the consummate leader, mentor, and PARTNER. I never felt as though I had a boss, rather a leader I could count on in the most difficult of scenarios. He possesses an artful ability to communicate with all around him and treats all as equals. He is the epitome of a leader who strives to develop his charges to their full potential and facilitates their success. In short he would be an excellent choice for Sheriff and I might consider moving to Idaho to again serve with this fine law enforcement professional. — William Evans TCSO retired

I have vetted Rick and am convinced that he is the real deal. I believe he is solidly anchored in conservative values and will always work to preserve our way of life. — Ward Connerly

I have reviewed Rick Whitehead's qualifications for his bid to become Sheriff of Kootenai County and sat with him for 20 minutes to ask questions. I have reviewed the other candidates qualifications and as a result have concluded that Rick Whitehead is the most qualified person to become Sheriff. I served for 20 years as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff for San Bernardino County, much of it under the legendary Frank Bland, and I know what it takes to do a good job in the complex world of law enforcement. Rick Whitehead is the man for the job! -Dick Sheldon — Dick Sheldon

This is the kind of man we need as Kootenay County Sheriff. We need someone that will help prevent the loss of so many personnel due to low pay. KCSO has just become a training department. We spend a lot of money training deputies then they quit and go somewhere else for higher pay. Whitehead will stand up for our personnel. — Jon Guinn, KCSO retired

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Rick over the past few months and I believe that he would be a great Sheriff for Kootenai County. Rick takes the time to listen to concerns and he has some exemplary experience in law enforcement. I endorse Rick for Sheriff. — Toby Schindelbeck

I have enjoyed getting to know Richard over this past year or so and am impressed with his willingness to listen to everyone's concerns about what we citizens would like to see from the Sheriff of Kootenai County. He has convinced me that he will be a great Sheriff that will protect our Constitutional rights, very important these days ! I am also impressed with his experience and continued work with LEOs across the country. — Jeff Tyler, Chairman, North West Property Owners Alliance

Rick Whitehead is a consummate law enforcement professional. He is extremely professional and cares about Kootenai County. He recognizes the professionalism of the deputies and wants to foster an environment (benefits) that will stop Kootenai County from being the training grounds for other agencies in the Inland Northwest. He brings decades of law enforcement experience and training skills to the table. He wants to maintain and improve the quality of life for residents and visitors of Kootenai County by holding offenders accountable and improving the working conditions of the deputies that put their lives on the line for us on a daily basis. I wholeheartedly endorse him as Sheriff of Kootenai County. — Jordan Ferguson

I am a retired 30 year Law enforcement veteran. I have known Rick on both a personal and professional level for 15 years and he is as straight a shooter as you could ever wish to meet. A thoroughly honest, dedicated family man and committed Christian his integrity is beyond reproach. Rick cares deeply about the community he serves and is unswerving in his desire for and pursuit of justice and fair treatment for all. In a society where misconduct in public office has become more prevalent Rick Whitehead is an incorruptible breath of fresh air. This is a man who truly stands up for what is right, is passionate about public protection and safety and truly embodies the constitution upon which the core values of society are built. Society would be a safer place if more men like Rick were in high office. — Darryl Payne

I've know Rick for nearly 30 years. We worked as peers and I worked for him on two separate occasions. Rick is an extremely intelligent and hard working law enforcement officer who has the necessary experience to lead Kootenai County. He's dedicated to the citizens of his community and will be an excellent Sheriff. — Al LeBlanc TCSO retired

I think Richard is more than qualified to handle the job position for Sheriff. I have much respect for him . He encouraged me to form the group Citizens against domestic animal abuse for the state of Idaho. He is a huge pet lover and with that comes a big heart. I have taken a class that he put together on learning how to tell if you are being lied to. I learned a lot in that class in the 2 hours I was in the class. He makes you feel very comfortable around him. I own Coeur d' Alene Photography and Dc Sprinklers I am endorsing him.  — Pennie Collinson

Kootenai County has changed and is changing. Explosive growth brings new opportunities but also increasing law enforcement challenges. The Sheriff's Department has to change to effectively execute its duties to serve and protect. I have listened to what Richard has to say about meeting all those challenges and I have met and talked with him in person. I am convinced without any reservation that he is the right person to come serve as our new Sheriff. I have contributed to his campaign and will continue to contribute more. His experience and resolve are what's needed in the Sheriff's office for a bright future for Kootenai County. — Warren Mueller

I have known Rick personally for many years. He is an outstanding individual with terrific morals. After speaking with Rick about his candidacy, I know that Rick is the right person to correct, strengthen, and build the Sheriff department. Brian Kay — Brian Kay

I have known Rick for sometime now. He is a good, hard-working man. He has solid philosophies of how to run a law enforcement organization and how to use our tax dollars wisely to serve and protect our community. I know Rick would make an excellent sheriff in our community. — Beverly Guenette

Rick is the right choice for Kootenai County Sheriff. I spent 43-years in public service, starting out as a police officer, Sergeant, Deputy District Attorney and Superior Court Judge. Based upon my experience, I believe I'm a pretty good judge of character. Richard Whitehead has the depth and breadth of experience that our County needs. He has the management knowledge and expertise to revitalize the Sheriff's Office and improve morale.  — Judge Stephen Hall (Ret.)

I personally know how important it is to have strong leadership in the Sheriff's Department. In 2005 when my 15 year old was raped by an adult volunteer at her school I had to fight the DA's office to get Justice when they wanted to plead out the case even though there were six young victims. Thankfully, my County had a great sheriff and Sheriff's Department who stood with me and fought. I do not take this endorsement lightly. Kootenai County needs a sheriff who knows what it's like to be a sheriff, who's been on the job . Who will be a strong leader and be there for the people. I believe wholeheartedly that Richard Whitehead is the man for that job! — Janice Camarena

Having had the opportunity to interact with Rick over the last several months, he has proven himself to be the genuine article. I will be whole heartedly supporting his campaign. — Steve Adams

I have known Rick and his wife for several years ,I dont think you could ask for nicer or more honest or hard working people. Some may balk because he is from Texas and not a local guy, but I would suggest looking at what the local guy has done or should I say NOT DONE with OUR Sherrifs Dept in the past. We need NEW BLOOD with GOOD IDEAS that work. Not necessarily new ideas because Ricks plan has worked in the dept he came from and you can not knock SUCCESS.He has the drive and determination to make our Sheriff's Dept work more efficiently and cost effective. His ideas are YEARS overdue. The Sheriff's Dept at this point is ineffective. The Deputies are not happy with the way things are done and leave at the first opportunity. Rick has CHOSEN North Idaho as his home for several reasons and you won't hear him saying "WELL THAT THE WAY WE DID IT IN TEXAS" ,HE WILL TELL YOU ABOUT HIS EXPERIENCE ,WHAT WORKED AND WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE HERE IN ORDER TO BRING OUR SHERIFF'S DEPT INTO THE CURRENT CENTURY. He is an HONORABLE and TRUSTWORTHY man and deserves OUR SUPPORT just like WE NEED AND DESERVE A MODERN AND PROPERLY RUN SHERIFF'S DEPT. He has plans to stop the waste of money ( like the unfinished jail) ,put the right people in the right positions ,retain our deputies so that we are not wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars training them for another city. Morris and Sandra Jaskula — Morris Jaskula

Richard is an honest man. I believe he will honor his oath to uphold the constitution of the state, and country.  I fully endorse Richard for Sheriff of Kootenai county. — John Huizinga

Still think you would make a good sheriff in Kootenai Co. Good head, thinks straight, weighs decisions..all good skills for the job. — Chuck Reitz

Rick has the qualifications and beliefs I expect from my sheriff. After speaking with Rick, I am confident he will manage the budget more effectively to increase officer pay, training, and retention, and eliminate waste. I am confident he will uphold the Constitution and defend our second amendment rights if necessary. I am confident he will demand accountability from his officers, who will be expected to serve the people, not harass them, and treat everyone with equality. I trust he will never allow the implementation of things like ticket quotas or DUI checkpoints that build resentment against law enforcement instead of respect and trust. I think Rick is a good fit for North Idahoans, who want to be free, help their neighbors when needed, otherwise leave their neighbors alone, and expect to be left alone. — Josiah Drewien

I had the pleasure of working with Richard for over 13 years in Travis County. The thing that I admire the most are his ethics and moral character. In today’s society it has become increasingly difficult to find a Christian who stands by his beliefs and is willing to serve in public office. If you want a Sheriff for Kootenai County that will lead his department by example and demand honesty and integrity from his staff. If you want all residents and visitors to be treated with fairness, then you need Richard Whitehead as Sheriff. — Joseph Delahoussaye

I strongly endorse Richard Whitehead for Kootenai County Sheriff. Not only is he eminently qualified for the position Richard clearly exemplifies the values of a Constitutional Conservative and a true understanding of civil liberty. The role of our county Sheriff has become front and center in the battle for our Republic and the Constitutional guarantees and freedoms we enjoy. It is imperative that we elect a county Sheriff who holds these guarantees and freedoms paramount. — Clark Albritton

Rick is a superb trainer and has left a lasting mark in Law Enforcement. If I lived back in my great home state of Idaho he'd have my vote. — Bryan Wells

Having met Richard and asking him some difficult questions regarding his positions on firearms ownership and the growing drug problem, I can say that I fully support and stand behind this well qualified man in his bid for Kootenai County Sheriff. — Clinton Hooten

I highly recommend this amazing man. I know he has a kind heart because he supports strengthening our current animal laws. He has helped me with words of wisdom , personally and business wise. I will be voting for him and I hope you will too. — Pennie Collinson

Richard has a powerful combination of administrative expertise, elevated law enforcement skills and superb character. — Linda Cook

I am constitutional guy and I stand by any constitutional sheriffs. You know me as Ron E Reagan on Facebook. — Travis Mignault

Come put a sign in my yard. — Willis Whitehead

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Syd Albright / History Club, Post Falls

Scott Charbonneau / KCRCC Pct. 29

Kevin Rhoades / Idaho State Representative

Roger Garlock, Congressional Candidate / The Front Porch, Hayden

Nick Henderson, Congressional Candidate, Post Falls

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Carol Goodman

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Ed & Gail Stevenson, CdA

Vern Oertel / Sunset Bowling Center / Chairman of KC Crime Stoppers, CdA

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Morris & Sandy Jaskula, Athol

Bob Erickson / Mountain View Veterinary Clinic, Hayden

Jeff Tyler, CdA Bob Flowers, Post Falls

Cal & Brandy Whitfield / Hutchins Neighborhood Auto Repair, CdA

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