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Life Begins at Conception

Yesterday a supporter withdrew their endorsement of me. The endorsement was based on my skills and qualifications, as my individual and personal beliefs were never questioned. Now they have withdrawn that support. I am very disappointed that issues of which the Sheriff has zero influence has influenced this public announcement. 

My position is VERY VERY conflicting for me and is based on my years of experience, compassion, and empathy. 

This morning I had a long conversation with a victim of rape and we talked together, cried together, and prayed together. She had the baby that was a result of the assault on her. She enlightened me to the victims side long-term versus from the time of the event. Further, as to how bad she was treated by law enforcement and healthcare at the time of her assault, while being encouraged to give the child away to adoption. As a member of law enforcement; I am embarrassed by and apologized for her experience. 

I have always believed life begins at conception and from our conversation, tears, and prayers this morning have a greater understanding of the big picture. I thanked God for this lady coming forward and sharing her testimony. I thank God, that as a male, I will never be faced with such a decision. Her bravery and faith are truly amazing!

Despite our differences, she still pledged her support for my campaign as the best person for the job. 

I pray for guidance and wisdom daily.


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