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Center Target Sports Endorses Whitehead for Sheriff

Rick Whitehead For Sheriff
Kootenai County Sheriff Race
The citizens of Kootenai County have a unique opportunity to effect much needed change in the leadership of the Kootenai County Sheriff's department.  Current Sheriff Ben Wolfinger has decided not to run for re-election and a number of candidates are seeking our vote.  I believe we must evaluate very closely what these candidates are saying.  We must look beyond any individual name recognition or previous experience and vote for the candidate that will make the changes in this agency that the jail deputies, patrol deputies and this community deserve.
This election year seems so different in many ways.  I don't believe we have ever seen such a huge disparity in the size of the campaign funds of the candidates for sheriff.  I would hate to think that the Kootenai County election for sheriff could be bought.
My biggest fear in this election is that too many voters are going to vote for name recognition without really looking at the issues and any particular candidate's stated improvement plans for the Sheriff's department.  We deserve better!  These candidates have had over a year to develop a comprehensive plan for change and the ultimate improvement of the agency's fiscal condition, workforce morale, and services provided to this community. 
I am supporting Rick Whitehead for sheriff because he is by far the most qualified.  Don't take my word for this.  Reach out and talk to him directly.  Ask the hard questions and read between the lines.  Do this with each candidate before you decide who to vote for.  Only then will you recognize that it is not the person with most signs but the person most qualified for whom we should vote.

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